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We are a vertically integrated producer of green banana flour. We work directly with banana farms to ensure the finest, premium products that consistently deliver value. Ask us about our new breakthrough BanaCoco product.

What is NuBana™ Green Banana Flour?

NuBana Green Banana Flour is a clean label, consumer-friendly and easy-to-formulate fruit ingredient that combines the textural properties of starch with the valuable nutritional benefits of bananas.

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Why IAG?

International Agriculture Group (IAG) was founded by senior executives who worked for the world’s largest branded fruit company for decades. We know all about bananas – where they are grown, how they function and more importantly, what they can do for you.

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How do I use NuBana™ Green Banana Flour?

Simply replace flour in gluten-free formulations for a nutritional boost, replace chemical-sounding binders and adhesives to clean up your food label, or replace fat for healthier versions of meats. Talk to us to see what NuBana Green Banana Flour can do for you.

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Did you know that millions of bananas are wasted globally every single day? We can help. We are reducing food waste around the world by converting the entire banana crop into value-added, functional flour.

Who we are

International Agriculture Group (IAG) is based in the United States and produces innovative tropical ingredients for the natural products and food & beverage markets around the world.

Our management team has senior level experience in the consumer packaged goods and food ingredients businesses.

Maurice Moragne, Chief Executive Officer

David Skea, Chief Finance Officer

Humberto Wedderburn, Vice President of Operations

Jackie Fera, Vice President of Sales & Customer Development


IAG focuses on what matters the most: People (social programs), Planet (environmental sustainability) and Performance (corporate responsibility).

NuBana Green Banana Flours

NuBana N200
Green Banana Flour

What is NuBana Green Banana Flour?

NuBana is a neutral tasting fruit flour that delivers valuable functional properties because it has a different starch structure than starch from corn, potato, tapioca or other plants. NuBana does not absorb water from the environment and will not clump in storage.

Freshly harvested green bananas are rich in starch. This starch, called “resistant starch”, naturally resists digestion and is an insoluble dietary fiber. NuBana Green Banana Flour is also rich in potassium and magnesium. All three of these nutrients are under-consumed and contribute important health benefits.

IAG uses the entire crop of peeled green bananas to produce NuBana Green Banana Flour – none of the bananas are wasted. In contrast, up to 20% of the bananas grown for the fresh market are composted or destroyed because they do not meet the size or shape specifications for fresh markets.

IAG is helping to reduce the banana waste, which is good for the planet as well as good for food manufacturers and consumers.

We can help you get the best benefits of this natural food.

NuBana Health Benefit Overview

NuBana Gluten Free
Muffin Formulation

How do I use NuBana Green Banana Flour?

NuBana Green Banana Flour does not contain gluten and works very well in gluten free applications. It can replace high glycemic flours like rice and potato flour, and may eliminate the need for binders and other hydrocolloids, resulting in better nutrition and clean labels. It also contributes softness and flexibility in gluten-free applications.

NuBana can replace wheat flour or maltodextrin and is ideal for applications needing viscosity, adhesion or water-binding. This includes beverages, pasta, puddings, coatings, cereal bars, fruit fillings, sauces and salad dressings, meats and instant foods.

NuBana is also a great dietary supplement because its resistant starch, potassium and magnesium deliver important health benefits.

Contact us to discuss your particular formulation needs.


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